Roaring Fork Valley

Sportman’s Association


Shooting Rates

Members $ 5.00 per round

Non Members $ 7.00 per round

Kids under 18 $3.00 per round



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Trap & Skeet Range Code Of Conduct

- Guns are to have actions open and unloaded at all times unless engaged in the act of shooting clay targets from the trap or skeet field on a designated shooting station or a position authorized by the range officer only

- Ear and eye protection are mandatory

- Shooters are to shoot only at targets they have called for and take only a single shot at a target unless a pair of doubles was called for whereby two shots may be taken at the same target

- Extra targets requested are not permitted

- Guns are to be loaded only when the shooter has entered the shooting station or designated shooting place as authorized by the range officer

- Range courtesy excludes the use of foul language and /or abusive language, whether directed at another individual, range officer, observer or oneself.

-No open containers of alcohol are permitted on the premises

- No one is permitted to engage in shooting believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

- Conversations should be of a volume so as not to be disruptive to the shooter

- Instructions is not be given while shooting on the skeet and trap fields unless requested

- Range officers have complete authority to exclude any individual from the trap & skeet facility for the day if they are believed to be disruptive

- After a round, pick up your ejected shells unless instructed not to by the range officer

- Kids 18 and younger need to have a parent present and a liability waiver signed.

- No dogs are allowed (State Wildlife Area)



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